Mobile Sic Bo Casinos

All of our recommended mobile casinos for Sic Bo have fantastic reputations for being very fair to their customers, and all are externally audited to ensure that the dice game is randomized and the play is fair. You can rest assured that all your mobile games are unbiased and that the mobile experience you are having is the best one available. Browse our list of the best mobile casinos in New Jersey offering access to this game and start playing today.

Playing Mobile Sic Bo in New Jersey

You will need to guess what dice combinations will be rolled, and, if you are correct, collect your payout according to the odds when play has finished. It is a really quick, exciting game that even complete beginners can enjoy, and is great for when you have a couple of minutes to spare as you go about your day.

Three dice are used for Sic Bo and New Jersey players can place as many combinations of bets as they like. Bet on one, two or three dice combinations, as each will have different odds for you to select from.

Betting Options for Sic Bo

The more popular mobile Sic Bo bets are Small and Big bets. Place your virtual chips on either the small or big area of the table and, after the dice have been rolled, collect your winnings according to the combinations achieved. If the total acquired on the roll of all three dice is equal to four through 10 then a Small bet will have won, with Big bets collecting a payout if the total on all three dice is between 11 and 17. The bets pay out even money, and the house will win if a triple is rolled, including totals 13 and 18.

If you prefer slightly more challenging Sic Bo bets, you can try and predict the exact number the three dice will total after their roll. These odds reflect the difficulty of the bet and can vary from 8:1 to as high as 60:1. You can bet on two of the three dice with wagers like 2&6 or 1&3. Only two of the dice need to match in order for you to win and all the combinations are available. These bets usually offer odds of 5:1.

Players from New Jersey could also try and guess which number each one of the dice will end up on, and should one of the die prove you are correct you will be paid out even money. Two correct dice will give you odds of 2:1 and three correct dice odds of 3:1. This is a great bet for beginners, and can quickly get you in to the heart of the game.

Choosing a Sic Bo Mobile Casino

Browse the list of New Jersey friendly mobile casinos presented on this website and make your selection according to the ratings and reviews provided. You will have access to great Sic Bo games, easy to use applications and betting sites, a wide array of banking options like Skrill, Neteller and Paysafecard and on the ball customer service. Turn your handheld into more than just a texting tool and start having all kinds of mobile gambling fun with welcome casino bonuses today!